Springfield Man Gets 15 Years for Deadly DWI Crash

(Springfield’s News Talk 104.1 Exclusive) – A man from Springfield received his sentence on Monday after admitting his guilt on felony DWI charges, in relation to a fatal car accident in 2021, which claimed two lives.

Gary Calhoun was handed down a 15-year sentence on a single felony DWI charge that resulted in the death of two or more individuals. He also received a sentence of 180 days in Greene County Jail for one count of a DWI misdemeanor, with both sentences to be served simultaneously.

In a plea agreement known as an Alford, which Calhoun entered earlier this year, the state agreed to dismiss two DWI felony counts – one relating to the fatal injury of a person not in the passenger’s seat, and one for physical injury.

The incriminating incident happened on August 27, 2021, when Calhoun’s car collided with a 2013 Kia Soul, driven by Amber Kendall, and a 2017 Western Star tracker trailer, driven by Felix Gonzalez.

Regrettably, Gonzalez lost his life at the accident scene, while Kendall was transported to the hospital, only to later pass away due to her sustained injuries.

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