Repeat DWI Offender’s Charge Dismissed after Federal Probe

Caleb McVey has been apprehended six times for driving under the influence, with four incidents occurring this year. The most recent arrest occurred when McVey was found sleeping in his car in a fast-food drive-thru. Police administered a sobriety test, but had to stop it due to McVey’s impaired balance. Earlier this year, officers were alerted to McVey driving in the wrong direction and took him into custody for operating a vehicle with a revoked license. Based on breathalyzer test results, a drug recognition expert was called, who suspected McVey’s impairment was due to a central nervous system depressant. Pending blood test results, officials expect to issue another DWI charge.

In two separate episodes, McVey was found impaired in his vehicle, with drugs and alcohol present each time. One of the responding officers involved in these arrests has been placed on administrative leave as a federal investigation into the DWI unit unfolds. After the onset of this federal investigation, several charges against McVey were dismissed due to the involvement of officers currently under scrutiny. Prior to this year, McVey faced DWI charges in 2021 and 2016. His 2016 case was dismissed due to an officer’s absence from court, though it remains unknown if this officer is involved in the ongoing investigations.

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