Marc Whyte’s Supporters backing up Post-DWI Arrest

In the first major gathering post his DWI arrest and subsequent censure by fellow council members, Marc Whyte, District 10’s first-term councilman, expressed his apologies and renewed commitment to his role, amidst supportive feedback from close allies. Whyte, backed by the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance, had succeeded Councilman Clayton Perry, who had also been implicated in a similar DWI case in 2022. Whyte had been arrested on charges of lane violations and over speeding, followed by a blood alcohol test, the result of which is still unknown.

During a District 10 meeting attended by around 40 residents, Northeast Neighborhood Alliance’s president Michael Gallagher lent authoritative support to Whyte, citing body camera footage that showed the councilman complying with sobriety tests and testifying his sobriety to the arresting officer. Despite this, his varying responses to the officer’s inquiries about his alcohol consumption led to his arrest. Whyte’s court hearing is due by the month-end and he has consequently been relieved of council committee duties by Mayor Ron Nirenberg until test results are out.

Northeast Neighborhood Alliance’s leader Gallagher, an ex-council member, expressed hope about Whyte’s reinstatement in these committees soon. The resolution passed by the council cited Whyte’s admitted alcohol consumption prior to driving as a justification for censure, amidst rising rates of drunken driving accidents in San Antonio. Despite this, Whyte continued to garner support from the meeting’s attendees, who either offered understanding for his human fallibility or reaffirmed their faith in his innocence. Resentment was also directed towards Mayor Nirenberg for exploiting Whyte’s situation for political purposes.

Among attendees at the meeting were Grant Moody, Commissioner for Precinct 3, as well as Perry and staff members of Precinct 3 and District 10. Apologizing for his actions, Whyte admitted his mistake and pledged transformation, promising to scale back his presence at social events for managing his council commitments. However, he acknowledged that public support could not alter the facts around the incident, while expressing gratitude for their supportive turnout.

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