Weekend DUI and Public Intoxication Charges – WGRV.com

Several cases of Public Intoxication and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) were reported over the weekend.

Early this morning, officers were called to the parking area on the 2700 block of East Andrew Johnson Highway, where a woman was found leaning over in her car. The woman accused was Megan Coleman of Sunnyside Loop, who was reportedly found in the driving seat with the car door open and the key in her hand. Strong alcohol scent was noted from Coleman, who failed on the field sobriety tests. She was thus arrested and charged with DUI, marking her second offense.

Similarly, at around 8:00 PM on Saturday, officers went to the Walgreens Parking Lot on East Andrew Johnson Highway following a call about Marcus Shores of Morningside Drive. Shores confessed to using Methamphetamine and was subsequently taken to Greene County Jail on charges of Public Intoxication.

Lastly, near midnight on Friday, the officers stopped a Chevrolet Silverado due to reckless driving. The driver, identified as Josue Chavarria Mendoza from Blue Springs Parkway, confessed that his license had expired. Following his poor performance in the field sobriety tests, Mendoza was arrested for a DUI.

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