South Dakota DUI Records Search

If you’re looking for DUI records in South Dakota, you’ve come to the right place. South Dakota has a comprehensive statewide record search program that allows you to access criminal cases dating back to 1989 and civil cases from 2003 onwards, unless they are sealed or confidential. You can also find information on active and inactive money judgments for certain time periods. While some record searches require a fee of $20 per name searched, civil money judgment searches can be accessed through a designated website for a fee. If you have any questions or need assistance with your record search, you can reach out to When it comes to DUI records, they are part of the criminal record search and can be found on the Public Access Record Search (PARS) system.

Key Takeaways:

  • South Dakota offers a statewide record search program for criminal and civil cases.
  • DUI records are part of the criminal record search and can be accessed through the Public Access Record Search (PARS) system.
  • Money judgments, both active and inactive, are available for certain time periods.
  • Civil money judgment searches can be accessed through a designated website for a fee.
  • Other record searches require a fee of $20 per name searched.

South Dakota DUI Laws and Penalties

In South Dakota, DUI laws are strict and carry significant penalties. It is important to understand the legal limits and consequences of driving under the influence.

According to South Dakota law, driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher is considered a DUI. Additionally, refusing to take a breath or blood test when requested by law enforcement can also result in a DUI charge.

For drivers under the age of 21, the legal BAC limit is even lower at 0.02%. This means that even a small amount of alcohol can result in a DUI charge for individuals in this age group.

Aggravated DUI penalties apply to drivers with a BAC of 0.17% or above. These penalties are more severe due to the high level of impairment.

The consequences for a DUI conviction vary depending on the age of the driver and the number of prior offenses. For individuals under the age of 21, a first DUI offense leads to a 30-day license suspension. A second offense results in a 180-day suspension, and a third offense carries a 1-year suspension.

For drivers over 21, a first DUI conviction can lead to up to 1 year of jail time, a 30-day to 1-year license suspension, and a fine of $1,000. These penalties increase with each subsequent offense.

South Dakota DUI Records and Consequences

South Dakota takes DUI offenses seriously, with strict laws and penalties in place to address them. In 2017, there were 2 driving fatalities caused by alcohol-impaired drivers under the age of 21. Additionally, 88 offenders under the age of 18 were caught for DUI/DWI during the same year. The following year, there were 8 driving fatalities caused by drivers under 21 who were under the influence of alcohol, with 51 individuals under 18 being caught for DUI/DWI.

Being convicted of a DUI in South Dakota can result in significant consequences. These may include fines, jail time, and license suspensions. A new bill allows individuals convicted of DUI to participate in 24/7 sobriety testing. Refusing to take a chemical test when asked by law enforcement can result in a 1-year license suspension and can be used as evidence in a DUI trial. It is crucial to be aware of and understand the potential long-term impact of a DUI conviction.

For those seeking access to DUI records, is a valuable resource that offers access to DUI records from various states, including South Dakota. Clearing DUI records can have significant benefits and opportunities in various aspects of life, such as employment, education, and personal relationships.