Missouri Governor Reduces Ex-Chiefs Assistant’s DWI Sentence, Expresses Sympathy

Johnathan Shiflett, the spokesperson for Parson, later shared a copy of the statement with The Associated Press. Felicia Miller, mother of the injured girl, criticized the perceived favoritism for the wealthy in a separate statement made through their family lawyer. She said, “It appears the law doesn’t equally apply to the rich and poor. The wealthy receive favors, while the poor serve their sentences.”

Reid was charged for drunk driving at the speed of around 84 mph (135 kph) in a 65 mph zone (105 kph), hitting two vehicles on an interstate entrance ramp close to Arrowhead Stadium on February 4, 2021. The crash resulted in six people getting injured, including Reid and a 5-year-old Ariel Young who suffered from a traumatic brain injury. One of the cars that Reid hit was immobile due to a dead battery, and the other belonged to Felicia Miller who had come to offer help.

Reid admitted to driving under the influence leading to serious injury and received a three-year sentence which was later reduced by Parson. Although he was initially set to be released eight weeks later, he was released it on March 1. The governor expressed his profound sympathy for any additional pain caused by the commutation to Young Family and stated that it wasn’t his intention.

The decision has drawn criticism even from his party fellows, including a Republican State Senator, Tony Luetkemeyer, who believes justice wasn’t served. Additionally, Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said that the original sentence was fair and criticized the governor for using his political power to favor a person of influence and not consulting Ariel’s family before Reid’s release.

Katie McClaflin, Reid’s lawyer, said that Reid was expected to be released by April 30 following an intense treatment program’s completion while in jail. Reid, once out of prison, will be focusing on maintaining his sobriety and being a devoted father to his three kids. Completion of the treatment program was considered by the governor when commuting Reid’s sentence.

Reid’s house arrest will continue until October 31, 2025, requiring him to have weekly meetings with a parole officer and engage in counseling and community service. The Chiefs have remained silent on the commutation but have agreed confidentially to cover Ariel’s continuous medical care and other expenses.

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