DUI Arrest for Miami-Dade Police Officer

On Tuesday, seasoned Miami-Dade Police Officer Victor Montalvo, who is 43 years old, was found breaking the law. He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and DUI with damage to person or property as per records from the Miami-Dade jail.

The incident took place around 12:40 p.m. when Montalvo, who was allegedly on duty, caused an accident while driving westbound along Southwest 72nd Street in an unmarked Ford Explorer SUV. He collided with a marked police vehicle driven by a fellow officer who was aiding a traffic marking crew with all emergency equipment activated.

Following the crash, Montalvo was seen emerging from his vehicle unevenly while the other officer checked on the work crew. Montalvo seemed disoriented, reportedly reached for his firearm, and took a tactical stance. This prompted the officer at the scene to draw his own weapon and order Montalvo to disarm, which he did.

Montalvo was swiftly detained, placed in a patrol car, and reportedly confessed to the other officer, saying, “I drank too much.” Officers at the scene further detected signs of Montalvo’s intoxication, including the smell of alcohol on his breath, watery eyes, and slurred speech.

After refusing to take field sobriety tests, Montalvo was taken into custody while both officers involved in the collision suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

In response to the incident, Miami-Dade Police Chief Stephanie V. Daniels expressed her disappointment, stating that such behavior does not reflect the department’s values. Montalvo, a 20-year veteran and detective with the Video Forensic Unit, was relieved of duty pending further investigation. Following his arrest, he was released on a $2,000 bond.

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