Man from Grand Forks Gets 60-day Sentence for DUI and Evading Police

A resident of Grand Forks, named Edward Larios Rubalcava, admitted to perpetrating three offenses on Feb. 20, and received a sentence of 360 days, with a suspension of all but 60 days. Rubalcava, aged 29, admitted to a Class C felony of escaping from the police. Despite this, given that his punishment aligns with that of a misdemeanor, the felony was classified as a misdemeanor.

Furthermore, Rubalcava confessed to two Class B misdemeanors – driving while intoxicated and operating a vehicle during an alcohol-related suspension. The rest of his charges, which include a Class A misdemeanor for recklessness endangerment and a Class B misdemeanor for refusing a DUI test, were eradicated due to a plea bargain.

While attempting to stop Rubalcava for rash driving on Dec. 23, a Grand Forks police officer was led on a high-speed chase that lasted roughly a mile, per a case affidavit.

By Tuesday, Rubalcava had spent 16 days in jail, and he will complete the remainder of his 60-day sentence at the Grand Forks County Correctional Center. Afterward, he will undergo a probation period of 360 days, during which any violation may lead to an imposition of the outstanding 300-day sentence. Rubalcava’s probationary terms include a 24/7 sobriety scheme and an alcohol dependency evaluation.

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