NISD trustee faces removal lawsuit after DWI case

A Northside Independent School District (NISD) trustee, who recently enrolled in a pretrial diversion program over a DWI case, faces a petition seeking her removal from office. The petition was submitted to the Bexar County state district court by local resident, Robert Gonzalez, who is requesting a jury trial to determine if trustee Dr. Karla Duran should be removed.

Despite being arrested for driving while intoxicated, Duran, representing NISD District 3, has maintained her board position. NISD, the largest school district in San Antonio, lacks a policy permitting public admonishment of a trustee accused of misconduct. However, the district has a policy allowing the removal of a board member.

This policy enables anyone residing in the relevant county for at least six months, and not facing any indictment, to petition a district court for the removal of a trustee. Intoxication is identified as a reason for trustee removal in NISD’s policy. Duran, who was elected in the previous year, was granted pretrial diversion following the assignment of her case to a special prosecutor.

A county pretrial diversion program is typically reserved for defendants with either no prior or insignificant criminal history. This program facilitates case dismissal and the eventual application for record expunction.

Neither Duran nor an NISD representative responded to KSAT’s inquiries concerning the lawsuit or the provision of legal counsel for Duran in this subsequent suit.

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