Farmington Officer Arrested for DWI

A police officer from Farmington found himself subject to law enforcement scrutiny after being booked on DWI charges subsequent to a vehicle crash. Deputy Chief Randon Matthews of the Bloomfield Police Department, who was off duty at the time, contacted San Juan County dispatch after a near-miss with a white SUV that then veered off the road.

Court documents report that the white Jeep narrowly avoided colliding head-on with Matthews’s vehicle before the crash, crossing four traffic lanes in the process. San Juan County deputies discovered the Jeep in a roadside ditch eleven minutes later.

The officer found at the Jeep’s controls was Robert Shuttleworth of the Farmington Police Department, with two children reportedly in the vehicle’s rear seat. Court documents state that a breathalyzer test pegged Shuttleworth’s blood alcohol content at .26. Other charges that resulted in him being jailed include aggravated DWI, hit-and-run, and failing to stay in his lane.

Medical services examined the children, and no injuries were reported according to FPD Chief Steve Hebbe. Hebbe offered an apology to the community, stating that this isolated incident does not reflect the dedication or values of his force.

Shuttleworth joined the FPD in 2018 and currently awaits his pretrial hearing on administrative leave. The hearing is set for 8 a.m. on March 28.

Hebbe’s statement detailed the incident and Shuttleworth’s ensuing suspension, again mentioning the deep disappointment, and restating his apology to the local community. It emphasized that officers of the Farmington Police Department are held to the highest standards, both during active duty and while off-duty.

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