Local News: Drone Seeks Horse, DUI Charges, Car Fire & Domestic Disputes

The Monroe City Police Department has shared the report for incidents between January 25th and February 2nd, 2024. This report is the second in a series of five because of its length. It is important to note that an arrest or charge is not a guarantee of guilt.

There was a verbal disagreement at Burger King which resulted in one party being promptly fired and the other leaving early. Civil resolution was recommended.

A concerned citizen reported someone knocking on their door on Ridge Rd. Officers contacted the complainant and checked the area. Everything was in order.

A vehicle was pulled over at North Broad @ Marable St for failing to stay in its lane. The driver underwent a sobriety test, was arrested for DUI, failing to maintain lane, and possessing an open container.

The Police Department assisted in a situation where a black Honda at Publix was seen emitting smoke from its engine. The two people from the car were safe, and the Monroe Fire Department confirmed the vehicle was okay.

Another traffic stop occurred at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office involving a specific individual who did not stop their vehicle initially. The individual was found to be intoxicated and had several active warrants in both Walton and Newton counties. The individual was arrested without any issue.

Officers noticed two empty vehicles parked at Monroe Area High School after typical school hours. Everything appeared to be fine.

A dispute at Piedmont Walton involved a woman who had a cut on her face. She shared that the incident happened in Loganville and declined to press charges, and her remedies were recommended.

Another dispute took place at Monroe Motor Inn where a woman who had invited a man to her room the previous night wanted him to leave. By the time police arrived, the man had already left.

At S. Madison Ave., a man claimed that the shop struck him twice on his lower back’s right side. However, the shop owner suggested that he was overstating the situation. The man was criminally trespassed.

Police dealt with harassment on Walker Drive in which a woman received a text from a man. She was informed about the process of obtaining a Temporary Protection Order and other legal options.

A complaint about the lottery payout was brought up at Shell Food Mart on N Broad St. No contact was made with the complainant in both the JB and Monroe Food markets.

Police were informed about suicidal threats made via text by a specific individual on 3rd St. Officers contacted a woman who was in contact with the threatened individual. A BOLO was issued to Atlanta PD for a welfare check.

There was also an issue regarding a drone flying near a home on Masters Dr. but the issue was resolved when the operator, who was looking for a lost horse, had left.

A traffic stop turned into a DUI arrest at Hwy 78 and Southview Drive. The individual was stopped for speeding and failure to maintain lane. Upon inspection, the car smelled of marijuana. He was arrested for DUI, FTML, and speeding, and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

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