DUI Suspect Gives Cash Instead of License: Deputy

In Bushnell, Florida, a woman was arrested on her birthday for allegedly being asleep at her car’s wheel on the I-75 ramp. The car was reported to be parked with the engine still running. According to the recording police officer, after efforts to wake the driver by knocking on the window multiple times, the driver woke up, repeatedly hitting the accelerator.

The officer asked the driver to hand over her driving license, insurance, and registration documents, but instead, the driver offered a pile of cash. The driver explained she had consumed a shot of 1800 tequila after work. The driver’s explanation for stopping in the middle of the road kept changing; she was said to be on the phone, was pulled over due to her friend’s situation, and she was tired and decided to take a nap.

Furthermore, the driver shared that her friends were drunk, that she had been offered several rounds of shots due to her birthday, but she had refused. During the encounter, the officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol on her breath and pointed out that she was having trouble maintaining a coherent conversation with the word ‘incident’ being repeatedly used.

The driver, later identified as Courtney Alice Callahan who turned 28 that day, was charged with a DUI after refusing to carry out field sobriety exercises and provide a breath sample. She was taken into custody around 2 a.m. and was released from jail approximately nine hours later.

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