Driver Faces DWI, Child Abuse Charges

During a traffic stop in Smithfield, the local police detained a 30-year-old motorist, Kristen Simone Gullant, on charges of driving while intoxicated and minor child abuse. The incident occurred around 11:27 pm on January 28, when a tan 2006 Mercury was pulled over on West Market Street, near Wilson’s Mills Road.

Gullant, from Smithfield, was suspected of driving under the influence. A breathalyzer test revealed she had a blood alcohol level of 0.12, surpassing the lawful limit of 0.08.

Police officers reported that a 4-year old child was also present in the car with Gullant. However, the child was reported to be unrestrained and no child car seat was found in the vehicle.

After her arrest, Gullant was later released on a bond worth $2,500. She is scheduled to appear in the Smithfield District Court on 4th March.

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