Chicago Police Officer Faces DUI Charges for Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A Chicago Police officer, known as Tangie Brown, who has currently been stripped of his police powers, stood trial on Monday. This was due to a handful of accusations related to a car incident that resulted in the death of a walker in early December. The adjudications confronting Officer Brown, aged 40, consist of severe misdemeanor caused by a DUI involving a casualty, and aggrieved utilization of a communication leading to a death incident.

The prosecutors interpreted that she was on a leave on that day and was witnessed consuming alcohol at a bar in River North. Later, her vehicle lost control on State Street and ended up killing Maria Schwab, a 56-year-old visitor from Texas, after hitting a curb. The incident also caused injuries to another female present at the scene.

The Schwab family has assigned Attorney Tim Cavanagh for their representation. Cavanagh pointed out that Brown’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) test was not conducted until two hours post the mishap. The results revealed a BAC of 0.093 for Brown. According to the police records, Brown stated that she lost control of her car while attempting to pick up her dropped phone.

The prosecutor notes that she remained in her vehicle and did not extend any help to the victims. Further updates about this incident can be received by following or subscribing to WBBM Newsradio on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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