Prosecutor Feels Unsafe around Police After DUI Arrest

Eva Vekos, Addison County State’s Attorney, who was recently arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, has opted not to meet with law enforcement leaders in person due to safety concerns. Instead, she plans to join a meeting of police chiefs by video link. Vekos communicated this to leaders via email, adding that the situation will interfere with her plans for educational trainings. The email was sent to various authorities, including Addison County Sheriff Michael Elmore, Middlebury Police Chief Jason Covey, and Lt. Thomas Mozzer of the Vermont State Police barracks in New Haven.

The email conversation initiated due to discussions about paperwork submission timelines to the state attorney’s office. Lt Thomas Mozzer suggested a discussion in an upcoming chief’s meeting, to which Vekos agreed, but noted that due to her concerns about safety, she’d be attending the meeting via video.

Attempts to reach Vekos for comment were directed to her attorney, David Sleigh, who declined to comment on the email conversation. He noted that everyone in the Addison County law enforcement community, including Vekos, is probably trying to negotiate the best way forward in the business of the state’s attorney’s office during the pending case.

John Campbell, the director of the state’s Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs, expressed disappointment at Vekos’s remarks, which were also deemed unprofessional and inappropriate by Addison County Sheriff Elmore. This situation arises following Vekos’ arrest for DUI, and her refusal to comply with sobriety tests, fingerprinting, and photography. She remains on duty as the county’s chief prosecutor, despite her pending court hearing scheduled for February 12 in Middlebury. The Vermont Attorney General’s Office has confirmed they will be handling the case against Vekos.

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