Brookhaven man charged with DUI causing injury in Lincoln County Jail

The jail docket from Lincoln County Demarcated indicate several arrests between the 8th and 10th of April 2024.

Lonnie Byrd was detained based on a city warrant by the Brookhaven Police Department. William Busby was taken into custody by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and was charged with various offenses such as reckless driving, possession of banned substances and paraphernalia.

Tristen Toby Dillon was arrested based on a warrant from the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC). Brandy Lynn Mayberry was also detained based on an MDOC warrant.

Bradyn Martin was arrested for trespassing and for violating probation, charges brought by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Daniel Christian Wilson was detained on the basis of an indictment. David Circo was apprehended based on a probation violation warrant.

Marie Ann Circo was detained for failing to appear in court, charged by the LCSO, whilst April Monique Williams was charged with contempt of court.

DUI and refusal charges led to the arrest of Jamadia Cameron as well as other offenses such as going over the speed limit.

Malicious misbehavior among other charges led to the arrest of Catrina L. Williams while Katelynn Lee Quinn was taken in based on a city warrant.

Tyron Nicholas was detained over charges of false identity.

Lastly, multiple charges, including a DUI causing injury or death, led to the arrest of Samuel Ryan Hickman.

It’s important to remember that merely being detained is not equivalent to being guilty – everyone is viewed as innocent until proven guilty in a court.

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