State Patrol Starts 20-Day DUI Crackdown before Big Game

In anticipation of a major weekend of celebrations, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Colorado State Patrol expect increased numbers of drivers, some of whom may choose to drink and drive. Trooper Troy Kessler from the Colorado State Patrol emphasized the importance of safety and smart decision-making.

The escalated law enforcement activities will be conducted consistently until February 28, resulting in 20 consecutive days of heightened patrol on Colorado’s roadways. Last year, the same weekend saw a total of 231 DUI arrests state-wide. In 2023, over fifteen thousand DUI arrests were made throughout Colorado.

The Colorado State Patrol highlights the availability of safe ride options, including taxis and other public transportation, as effective alternatives to driving under the influence. Trooper Kessler noted the devastating consequences that often follow when people drive after consuming substances. He suggested that procuring a taxi is a significantly more affordable option considering that the average DUI costs approximately $13,000 in Colorado.

Kessler underscored the relative insignificance of the taxi fare compared to potential loss of life or enduring the guilt of causing harm to others. He reminded the public that even though the legal DUI limit is 0.08, charges for impaired driving can be laid for any measure above zero.

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