St. Patrick’s Day: Increased DUI Patrols by Will County Sheriff

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the sheriff’s department in Will County, IL is boosting patrols for intoxicated and distracted drivers. This heightened traffic safety campaign, which begins from March 8 and runs till March 17, is a collaboration between the department, Illinois State Police, and the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Traffic Lieutenant Denny urges everyone to celebrate responsibly, considering St. Patrick’s Day festivities could cause a spike in alcohol consumption. Recounting the tragic loss of 272 lives to drunk-driving during St. Patrick’s Day over four years, he advised revelers to plan for a sober ride home before leaving their homes.

The increased patrols will not only focus on alcohol and cannabis-impaired drivers. Strict enforcement of seat belt laws, speeding limits, and other traffic regulations will also be in place. The sheriff’s department advised everyone heading out to a party or going out in general to prioritize safety and prearrange a ride service or nominate a sober friend to guarantee safe travel or even while walking home.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and IDOT fund this St. Patrick’s Day enforcement campaign through federal traffic safety grants.

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