Report: Ex-APD DWI Officers Accused of Misconduct Scheme

KOB 4 has recently acquired misconduct reports that were recently filed with the Department of Public Safety against five former Albuquerque Police Department (APD) officers. The reports come amid new developments in an investigation into the conduct of these former DWI Unit members. The officers are alleged to have accepted money in exchange for ensuring that some DWI cases were dismissed or never filed in the first place.

The officers under investigation are Justin Hunt, Joshua Montaño, Honorio Alba Jr., Harvey Johnson Jr., and Nelson Ortiz, and they are allegedly under investigation by the FBI along with local defense attorney, Thomas Clear III. The former officers are all accused of participating in felony crimes by colluding with an attorney and illegitimately accepting money or other forms of compensation in exchange for dismissing or not filing DWI charges.

In the wake of the investigation, all five officers have resigned. The Bernalillo County district attorney has been compelled to dismiss almost 200 active DWI cases as a direct result of the inquiry. Interestingly, Justin Hunt, one of the investigated officers, has been scrutinized before; in 2007, Hunt was investigated internally by the APD after he was found in the office of a superior, leading to accusations of dishonesty. Despite this incident, Hunt went on to become the highest-paid lieutenant at APD last year, earning over $250,000.

No charges have been filed against any individuals at this time. More coverage on this alleged plot can be found here. Related Stories: DWI Deception.

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