Oceanside DWI: Woman with Child Crashes into Pole

A traffic incident happened in Oceanside on Wednesday, February 21, as reported by Nassau County Police. Around 2:25 am, 34-year-old Stephanie Almonte of Freeport was reportedly drunk-driving her Toyota Camry with a one-year-old boy inside. She hit a pole near Chance Drive’s intersection on Brower Avenue. On arrival, police and paramedics attempted to medically assess the child. However, Almonte allegedly became aggressive, preventing anyone from approaching the child. The police managed to secure the one-year-old, taking him to a local hospital. Similarly, Almonte was removed from her vehicle, arrested, and charged with various offenses, including aggravated DWI, endangering a child, and unlicensed operation of a vehicle. She was transported to a hospital and will be formally charged when she is medically fit.

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