NYPD cop charged with manslaughter in DWI crash

26-year-old Aaron Cooper, a former NYPD officer, has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving on Long Island, authorities announced on Monday. Cooper, who was dismissed from the NYPD in 2021 following a dispute over a parking space during which he brandished his firearm, was charged on Saturday following court documents that revealed his blood alcohol level was .018. The incident occurred when Cooper, who acknowledged drinking, was driving a 2023 Toyota at high speed near Lawrence Court in Valley Stream. He reportedly veered onto the wrong side of the road, crashed into a curb and pole, causing his car to overturn and resulted in the death of his passenger, 22-year-old Pablo Rivera, from Valley Stream. Cooper suffered minor injuries and was treated at a nearby hospital, while Rivera was pronounced dead at the scene.

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