DUI Driver Jailed for Karate Kicks in Stafford County

Hugo Lucero Albeno, aged 43, was observed by another driver weaving on Richmond Highway around 8:50 pm on Friday, February 9th, as confirmed by Ryan Wilbur, the county sheriff’s office’s representative. First Sergeant A.I. Assur located him at the intersection of Warrenton Road. Lucero Albeno displayed obvious signs of being impaired and confessed to having consumed one beer, as mentioned by Wilbur. In an unexpected effort to demonstrate he was sober, the driver mimicked the iconic Ralph Macchio crane kick stance. However, unlike the character Daniel-san, this did not result in a win, as Wilbur humorously remarked. His karate training to performing leg sweeps and showing no mercy would have to be put on hold. Lucero Albeno was arrested for drunk driving, drinking while driving, and noncompliance. He was detained at Rappahannock Regional Jail until he sobered up.

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