North Las Vegas DUI Crash: State Seeks Bail Reevaluation

In the aftermath of a fatal DUI accident in North Las Vegas, the state is reconsidering the set bail. The District Attorney’s office is requesting that a North Las Vegas judge adjust the initially posted bail amount of $3,000 to $300,000 for a man accused of a deadly DUI hit-and-run.

The man, Robert McKinney, 31, is facing six charges, including felony DUI. Authorities allege McKinney was behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger that crashed into a Harley Davidson motorcycle ridden by 48-year-old Tracey Confair on February 16. McKinney reportedly made a left turn in front of Confair by the intersection of Craig Road and Vandenberg Drive around 8:45 a.m. and fled the scene. However, officers were able to arrest him later on.

Eyewitnesses say McKinney made no effort to slow down or pause before the collision. As a result, Confair was hospitalized and tragically succumbed to her injuries two days later on February 18. When McKinney first appeared in court in front of a temporary judge, prosecutors did not yet have the results of the blood alcohol test and Confair was still alive, so they asked for the bail to be set at $50,000.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson was critical of the temporary judge, who according to him, isn’t accountable to the public or the electorate. The judge set bail at $3,000, which Wolfson found shocking. Following results indicating a blood alcohol level of .29 and the death of Confair, the state filed a motion to have the bail reconsidered.

Court documents also reveal McKinney was previously convicted of a DUI in 2011. Wolfson expressed his disbelief at McKinney’s excessive alcohol intake at 8:30 a.m., which was allegedly over three times the legal limit, arguing he should not be given a second chance.

McKinney has since secured criminal defense attorney Ross Goodman. He posted the $3,000 bail and is not permitted to drive or consume alcohol as conditions of his bail and is subject to alcohol monitoring. McKinney is expected to appear back in court on Wednesday.

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