Webb Town Traffic Stop Leads to DWI Charges – Flack Broadcasting

WEBB – Last Friday, a traffic check in the Western Adirondacks led to a DWI charge, according to law enforcement officials.

30-year-old Trevor J. Rice from Inlet, NY, was apprehended by the Town of Webb Police just before 11:30 p.m. on Friday, February 23. Rice has been formally charged with DWI, another DWI (with a BAC > .08%), and failure to halt at a stop sign.

Police Chief Ron Johnston stated that officers noticed a Sedan not stopping at the intersection of Crosby Boulevard and Park Ave. Following this, a traffic stop was carried out on South Shore Road, where Rice, who was reportedly driving, seemed impaired.

Rice was transported to the Webb Police Station for further processing and was issued standard traffic citations to be addressed in the Webb Town Court at a future date.

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