Man with 10 DUIs Released from Green Country Jail

A man with ten previous DUI charges has been released from jail after yet another arrest. The police report states that Muskogee County Deputies apprehended Russell Robinson on April 4th when he was discovered unconscious in his vehicle. It also notes that he had an open case of beer next to him while sitting in the driver’s seat, and his vehicle was positioned at the entrance of a private driveway.

Robinson’s history of DUI-related offenses traces back to 2008. These include infractions like misdemeanor DUI, leaving the scene of a crash while under the influence, possessing an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, and driving while intoxicated. He’s currently serving a suspended sentence in Rogers County for a 2016 DUI conviction.

While Robinson’s repeat offenses may come as a shock to some, Rebecca Cunningham from the Oklahoma chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is not surprised. She says it’s a common occurrence in DUI cases statewide and advocates for stricter DUI laws. Even though cases like Robinson’s are disheartening, Cunningham sees reason for optimism with House Bill 3960. The bill suggests stricter rules for repeat offenders, notably that they can’t qualify for probation after three felony DUI convictions. This bill is on its way to the governor’s desk this week.

Cunningham emphasized that such incidents should concern everyone since they share the roads with people like Robinson daily. Prosecutors in both Creek and Rogers counties are seeking to revoke Robinson’s suspended sentences, and an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

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