Man Fast Passes DWI Checkpoint in Hobbs

HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – Michael Pineda, a man with a criminal record spanning back to 2003 for drug and vehicular infractions, was apprehended after he sped through a DWI checkpoint in December. Pineda was driving a truck when he bypassed the checkpoint which was being carried out just outside of Hobbs by the New Mexico State Police.

Upon Pineda’s refusal to halt, NMSP Officer Albert Tarango-Juarez initiated a pursuit, measuring Pineda’s speed at 112 miles per hour. Although officers deployed spike strips further up the road, Pineda didn’t stop. Officer Tarango-Juarez resorted to a PIT maneuver in an attempt to halt the accelerating truck, but the pursuit didn’t end there.

After the vehicle was stopped, Pineda fled on foot but was eventually apprehended. Pineda was read his rights and then questioned. When asked why he didn’t stop, he claimed he was unaware he was being pursued and admitted he was without a license.

Pineda also admitted to recent marijuana use. Upon searching his truck, police found open alcohol containers, which Pineda denied were his. He also refused to participate in a field sobriety test. When questioned about the visibility of the checkpoint signs, cones, or officers, Pineda negated having noticed them.

Pineda is now facing multiple charges including battery on a peace officer, aggravated DWI, and resisting arrest. He was released on conditions and his trial is set for September.

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