Mahomes Sr. Arrested for DWI ahead of Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl

The younger Mahomes may have to address inquiries on Super Bowl media night on Monday concerning if his father’s apprehension would prove to be a disruption. This could potentially be a plot leading up to the following weekend.

Mahomes Sr. was previously apprehended on identical charges back in 2019 and was penalized by a 40-day jail term, according to Smith County records.

Over the span of 11 seasons (1992-2003), Mahomes Sr. was a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. As a right-handed thrower, he held a record of 42-39 with a 5.47 ERA throughout his 308 career games (63 as a starter). He played for the Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Rangers, Cubs, and Pirates and participated in the 1999 NL playoffs with the Mets.

In the previous month, Mahomes’ sibling Jackson saw three serious charges against him dropped. The allegations were that he touched a woman’s neck forcefully and proceeded to kiss her without obtaining her permission.

Meanwhile, the AP NFL can be accessed through the provided link. A photograph accredited to AP accompanies the text.

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