Louisiana Governor to Decide on DWI, Sentencing, Constitutional Carry Bills

Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry is set to review a series of bills relating to changes in sentencing guidelines, concealed carry without a permit, and increased transparency for criminal records. The initiatives will also alter how juvenile offenders are housed. These developments followed a special session on crime, with the regular session scheduled to begin the following week.

Governor Landry revealed his appreciation for the hardworking citizens of Louisiana and the legislators who pushed for the passage of these bills on social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

One of the notable bills would allow residents to carry concealed firearms without permits. It also includes an increase in penalties for driving under intoxication and ending mandatory housing of 17-year-old offenders in juvenile detention centers. In addition, the state is looking to add nitrogen hypoxia and electrocution to its capital punishment methods, increase minimum sentences for carjacking, and provide more transparency in criminal records.

More than $26 million were also appropriated for law enforcement purposes, which includes $3 million for the Louisiana National Guard’s involvement in Operation Lonestar on the Texas/Mexico border.

Senate President Cameron Henry stated that support for law enforcement and justice for victims were among the promises made to their constituents. With the special session concluded, focus will shift towards addressing issues to restart the economy and improve lives in the regular session. They will also consider a bill that could establish a state public defender office and eliminate the oversight of the Louisiana Public Defender Board.

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