Missouri DUI Cases with Injury: Process & Guide

The Missouri governor’s decision to let Britt Reid complete his sentence under house arrest has raised several eyebrows. The governor explained that Reid had been jailed longer than most people found guilty of similar crimes. However, the prosecutor for Jackson County criticized this move, describing Reid as a recidivist abusing his status, privilege, and connections.

Data from the Missouri Department of Corrections was scrutinized by the investigators at KCTV5, particularly regarding DUI cases. They examined a 2023 report indicating a decline in the incarceration rate for DWI compared to 2014. The average sentence is reported to be 7.4 years, although this average might be skewed by some severe cases resulting in deaths.

A parallel was drawn with a recent case in Jackson County, involving Davon Powell-Terrill, who was drunk driving at 90mph and caused an accident that injured a 7-year-old child. Powell-Terrill was sentenced to four years, but served roughly 18 months before his parole, the details of which remain confidential.

Reid, who was sentenced to three years, also only served 18 months before he was granted partial commutation. However, it’s essential to note that commutation is not the same as a pardon. In Reid’s case, he’ll complete his sentence under house arrest, and his conviction remains on record.

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