Home Improvement Celebrity Arrested for Suspected DUI

Zachery Ty Bryan, who starred as one of Tim Allen’s sons on the 90s sitcom “Home Improvement,” was arrested for supposed drunk driving on Saturday. Bryan, 42, was apprehended in La Quinta, California, following a traffic stop on a vehicle suspected of being involved in a recent accident, TMZ informs us. According to a sergeant, Bryan appeared impaired, which led to his arrest. Bryan was held at Riverside County jail before being released on bail, and his next court date is on April 23.

The actor has a history of legal issues. Bryan pleaded guilty to fourth-degree menacing and assault in 2020, following a dispute with his girlfriend at their home in Oregon. In July this year, he faced arrest again due to another alleged domestic dispute with an unidentified woman and pleaded guilty to fourth-degree felony assault constituting domestic violence. He spent a week in jail and is now on a 3-year supervised release with conditions, including undergoing alcohol/substance abuse treatment and having no unsanctioned contact with the victim.

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