Fourth DUI arrest for Villager at Denny’s

Richard Louis Zaiki, a 59-year-old resident of Keystone Villas, has been arrested for his fourth DUI offense. Zaiki was apprehended by Fruitland Park Police Department in Leesburg at the junction of Citrus Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard following a suspicion of erratic driving. Reportedly, Zaiki, whose speech was slurred, was heading to Denny’s restaurant after admitting to consuming two shots of tequila. He had difficulties with field sobriety tests and eventually gave up out of frustration. Both of his breath samples indicated a blood alcohol content of .134. A background check revealed his three previous DUI offenses, one each in Georgia and Utah, and a recent arrest in 2021 due to an argument over a Michigan football game. Charged with felony DUI, Zaiki was imprisoned in Lake County Jail but subsequently released after posting a bond of $10,000.

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