DWI Arrests Surge in Friday Booking Report

This document lists the details of several individuals who were booked into custody on various charges.

Charles Watkins was booked on March 30, 2024, at 4:53 am. He was charged with failure to appear in court, having no valid driver’s license, and expired vehicle registration. His bond was set at $1701.20.

Jacy Cordova was booked on the same day at 3:21 am for driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content greater than or equal to .15. Her bond was set at $1500.

Fernando Garcia was also booked on March 30th for his second offense of driving while intoxicated. His bond was also set at $1500.

Shelia Kirk and Marcus Gray, both booked on March 30th, were charged with their third or more instance of driving while intoxicated. Neither was given a bond amount.

Zachery Martinez was booked on March 30th for driving while intoxicated with a bond set at $1000.

Walter Bird was booked on multiple charges, including possession of a dangerous drug and expired vehicle registration, among others. His bond came to $2040.

Travis Fernandes was booked on assault charges on March 30th, and his bond was set at $512.

Edward Gamez was booked on March 29th for driving while intoxicated. His bond was set at $1000.

Jose Colunga was booked on public intoxication charges on March 29th, and had a bond set at $462.

Rest of the people mentioned in the document, Santiago Galindo, Juan Trejo-Trejo, Jorge Rangel, Barney Reese, Raymond Templeton, Mariah Adame, Krystal Rodriguez, Rainie Baldwin, and Michael Rutledge all had varying charges, booking dates, release dates and bond amounts. Some, like Mariah Adame and Krystal Rodriguez, were not given bond.

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