DUI on Cattell Street Leads to Arrest, Student Vehicle Damaged

A car accident happened due to a drunken driver crashing into parked vehicles on Cattell Street last Sunday evening. This resulted in the arrest of the driver for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) by the Easton Police Department.

Patrol Lieutenant Joseph Alonso confirmed that the driver, 26-year-old December Rinoso, was not injured despite overturning her vehicle as a consequence of hitting other cars at a high speed. No one was in the cars hit by Rinoso’s car at the time of the event.

Alex Foster, a student belonging to the 2024 class and dwelling in a college-owned off-campus apartment, owned one of the impacted cars. He received information about the accident involving his vehicle from Public Safety approximately 30 minutes after the incident took place, around 7:30 pm.

Foster feared that his car would be “totalled,” mentioning that it was hit around the gas area, leading to internal damage, although the interior of the car remained intact.

Following the accident, Lafayette Public Safety was in charge of managing traffic and also reached out to Foster. This information was confirmed by Director of Public Safety, Jeff Troxell.

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