BCSO Deputy’s Conduct in Fellow Officer’s DWI Arrest Caught on Video

News 13 reports that an incident involving a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) deputy, who was arrested and charged with drunk driving, also involved other off-duty deputies displaying questionable behavior. Following the Super Bowl, Rio Rancho police responded to a domestic call at a home where three off-duty deputies were present and reportedly drinking. One male deputy cooperated with the police, while two female deputies obstructed the officers.

A fourth deputy, Daniel Vasquez Moreno, already departed the scene by this point but was later arrested on charges of drunk driving and battery. He allegedly assaulted a deputy who is also his girlfriend by forcefully pushing her aside. Initially, the possible victim and another inebriated deputy at the house denied that anything untoward occurred.

However, another deputy present contradicted this claim, arguing that an altercation did ensue when Vasquez Moreno refused to leave the property. Even though the victim initially refused to divulging her identity and insisted nothing had occurred, she later apologized and provided her details.

In a press conference, BCSO Sheriff John Allen expressed disappointment at the deputies’ conduct. The two female deputies have been placed on administrative leave. Vasquez-Moreno currently awaits trial and has been ordered to abstain from alcohol and refrain from unwanted contact with the alleged victim.

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