DUI Driver Jailed for Pregnant Woman’s Crash Murder

James Alvarez, during the sentencing hearing of Courtney Fritz Pandolfi on April 12, 2024, pleaded for Pandolfi to seek forgiveness and change. Pandolfi had pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and consequently murdering Alvarez’s pregnant wife, Yesenia Lisette Aguilar. Holding his and Yesenia’s baby, James urged Pandolfi to remember the face of the child she had caused to lose a mother.

Pandolfi received a sentence of 15 years to life in prison. Her charges included murder, multiple counts of driving under the influence, and possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.

On the evening of August 11, 2020, a high-on-drugs Pandolfi drove onto a sidewalk where Yesenia and James were strolling, colliding with a metal newspaper stand before hitting Yesenia. Pandolfi has a history of DUI convictions from 2008, 2015, and 2016, and was facing an ongoing case for driving under the influence from November 2019.

Despite the tragedy, Yesenia’s unborn baby girl survived through an emergency C-section and attended the court hearing with James. Alfredo Alvarez lamented that their daughter would only know her mother through photographs and memories shared by others.

Family members voiced their pain and anger towards Pandolfi during the hearing. According to KABC footage, Aguilar’s cousin, Alejandro Alvarez, stated that the family is constantly reminded of the crime as they pass the crime scene daily. Meanwhile, Yesenia’s sister, Mariela, declared her inability to forgive Pandolfi, citing this wasn’t her first offense.

Pandolfi expressed remorse in a statement and acknowledged the irreversible and tragic impact of her actions on the lives of others.

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