Day 2: TPD DUI Trial Based on Viral Bodycam Footage

The trial of Calvin Riley, who has been charged with a DUI case in Tallahassee, Florida, has gained national attention just few days prior to its commencement on Friday. His case stemmed from a traffic stop in May 2023. Riley’s interaction with law enforcement intrigues nationwide discussion about police behavior and integrity, nearly a year after he was charged.

The case ignited controversy when the media outlet Our Tallahassee released a trimmed video capturing the moment from the police body camera. The footage showed an officer taking a bottle from Riley’s car, emptying its contents, and returning it back to the vehicle during the occurrence.

Following the viral video which attracted a lot of views and reactions, Tallahassee police department refuted all allegations related to misconduct in a statement, however declined to release the full video until after the trial.

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