Church Hill Officer Suspended for Suspected DUI Crash

A Church Hill police officer in Tennessee, identified as Ethan Mays, faces charges for drunk driving and triggering a collision in Kingsport. Church Hill Police Chief Chad Mosley confirmed Mays’ DUI (driving under the influence) charge along with a failure to exercise due care. Mays has since been suspended without pay.

The collision connected with Mays’ charges reportedly occurred at the intersection of East Stone Drive and Brookside Drive on April 1, according to the Kingsport Police Department (KPD). The KPD described an incident where a Honda Pilot, after leaving a local McDonald’s and waiting to merge from the median lane, was struck by a Jeep Wrangler driven by Mays that had veered into the median lane.

Despite the Jeep flipping onto its top and both vehicles incurring disabling damage, no severe injuries were reported. However, a passenger in the Honda sustained a minor injury. While Mays was documented as having consumed alcohol, the results of a blood test were still pending as of April 1. Neither Mays nor the Honda driver were injured, noted the police. The Honda driver was cited for a financial responsibility violation.

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