Chicago DUI Crash: Man charged in fatal I-55 collision with Marine

A 40-year-old Chicago-based man, Octavio Lara Chavez, has been accused of driving under the influence which led to a crash killing Marine Sergeant Nikolas Hutto. Hutto had been fixing a flat tire beside the Stevenson Expressway during the time of the incident. Chavez is now facing charges of aggravated DUI linked to the death and severe bodily harm. The accident, which took place on Sunday night, led to a non-life-threatening injury to Chavez, who is now in hospital awaiting a detention hearing.

The State Police reported that Chavez’s Dodge pickup veered off track onto the right shoulder, hitting a Hyundai and two pedestrians, one of whom was Hutto. The other pedestrian is also seriously injured.

Family members revealed that Hutto completed four tours in the Middle East and was a 28-year-old resident of Tinley Park. He was returning home from a Blackhawks game with friends when he hit a pot hole on Stevenson which necessitated the tire change. They also revealed that Hutto, originally from Florida, had recently moved to the region’s southern suburbs to live with his girlfriend after he finished his military service last year. His father, Jeffrey Hutto, mentioned that the couple had just bought a house in September and that Hutto was on the verge of proposing.

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