Bryan Man Arrested Again for Evading, DWI After Hit-and-Run, Rollover Crash – WTAW

A man from Bryan, by the name Jason Oehme, was arrested for the second time this year on charges of evasion. The 39-year-old was apprehended by two Brazos County sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday (April 2) after a foot pursuit near 29th and Briar Oaks. Oehme was wanted on a warrant for child abandonment or endangerment, stemming from an incident in January. Jail records indicate that he is currently also being held for pending court cases related to evasion, resistance of arrest, possession of illegal substances, and failing to reveal his identity—charges also dating back to January 2024. As of Thursday afternoon (April 4), Oehme continues to be in jail, with bonds amounting to $94,000.

In a separate incident in College Station on Wednesday night (April 3), a hit-and-run and subsequent rollover crash led to the arrest of a driver on a DWI charge. A witness reported seeing a car with an open trunk lid weaving through traffic on Texas Avenue before striking another vehicle and fleeing the scene. The car was later found overturned after speeding into an apartment complex off Harvey Road. The driver, 21-year-old Hannan Veera, was rescued from his car by firefighters before being hospitalized and eventually taken to jail. As of Thursday afternoon (April 4), there is no record of a bond being set online for Veera.

Pictures of Jason Oehme and Hannan Veera were also displayed.

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