Bristol Bus Driver Charged with DUI

A former bus driver employed by Durham School Services in Croydon section of Bristol Township, named Matthew Dudek, has been accused of operating a school bus under the influence and causing a hit-and-run accident. Court documents reveal that Dudek is facing charges that include 12 counts of endangering the welfare of a child, as well as single counts of DUI and damaging an attended vehicle in an accident. He was sacked by Durham School Services immediately following the incident, the company confirmed.

Dudek was said to have engaged in a hit-and-run incident in the afternoon of December 15th. His vehicle, described as darkly colored, left the scene towards Swamp Road but wasn’t located by police at the time. Later the same day, police were called to Durham School Services’ yard after a school bus driver was reported to smell of marijuana. They identified the driver as Dudek, who then admitted to drinking and driving. He further confessed to transporting 12 students earlier in the day.

Police noted Dudek appeared intoxicated and found damage on his personal vehicle that matched the earlier reported hit-and-run. A blood sample found Dudek to have an alcohol concentration of .234 percent, far exceeding the legal limit of .08 percent. The police investigation further revealed that a student from Holland Middle School had reported suspicions about Dudek being impaired.

Durham School Services has apologized to students and parents for the distress caused by the incident and asserted its commitment to preventing recurrences in the future. Dudek, now a Montgomery County resident, awaits a preliminary hearing with District Judge Mick Petrucci in March.

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