BCSO Deputy Faces DWI, Domestic Violence Charges

A call to a house in Rio Rancho, New Mexico resulted in a brief pursuit and the extraction of a man suspected of drunk driving from the driver’s seat of a pickup truck. The individual was identified as Daniel Vasquez-Moreno, a deputy of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. The situation unfolded the morning after the Super Bowl, when Rio Rancho police officers arrived at the scene due to the truck swerving on the road and reaching speeds of up to 75 mph.

Upon investigation, questioning revealed that officers were initially called to Deputy Vasquez-Moreno’s girlfriend’s house. Further inquiry additionally revealed that he had left the scene in his pickup when the officers first arrived. Vasquez-Moreno also admitted to having consumed alcohol.

The situation leading up to the call was difficult to decipher, but eventually Vasquez-Moreno revealed that he and his girlfriend, both employees of BCSO, were arguing. The cause of the argument was not initially about their workplace, but they ended up disagreeing about the 49ers football team.

Following the incident, Vasquez-Moreno had difficulty passing field sobriety tests and was taken to Sandoval County jail. Court documents show that he recorded a breath alcohol content at least double the legal limit. Vasquez-Moreno is currently on paid leave from the Sheriff’s office and is facing charges for driving while intoxicated and domestic violence.

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