Albuquerque Lt. Reassigned Amid DWI Investigation

According to KRQE, several officers from the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) are currently under a federal probe. Furthermore, APD has stated that it is broadening an ongoing internal review. This investigation now includes a lieutenant from the Internal Affairs Division.

Promising thoroughness in the process, Chief Medina, in a recent press release, declared that no aspect of the investigation would be ignored. The officer under scrutiny, although not named, has been temporarily reassigned.

This week, APD also suspended the Internal Affairs commander, Mark Landovazo, linking this action to the ongoing internal investigation related to allegations against officers working on DWI cases. Until further notice, Commander Kyle Hartsock will be in charge of the Internal Affairs division.

As reported on February 16, of the five APD officers put on administrative leave, one has resigned. However, none of these officers have been officially charged with any crimes related to the investigations, according to APD.

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