2021 DUI Crash: Minivan Driver Guilty of Killing Motorcyclist

A man from Lake Worth Beach was sentenced by a judge this week to a minimum of five years in jail and has had his driver’s license permanently revoked. He had pleaded guilty to a charge of DUI manslaughter connected to the 2021 death of a motorcyclist. The individual, 34-year-old Sebastian Ramirez, also pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended, cancelled, or revoked license which resulted in death in a crash on October 15, 2021. The victim was 48-year-old Damian Martinez from Palm Beach Shores.

The sentence stated that Ramirez must serve at least four of the seven years imprisonment for the DUI manslaughter charge, in addition to the five-year sentence for the suspended license charge. Circuit Judge Sarah Willis determined that both sentences would run concurrently, during a hearing on January 30.

The crash, involving two vehicles, occurred at the 10th Avenue North and North H Street intersection, in proximity to Lake Worth High School. Ramirez, driving a southbound Dodge minivan, was accused of causing the collision by moving into the intersection after stopping at a traffic sign, therefore blocking the path of Martinez’s eastbound Yamaha KZ motorcycle.

The collision caused Martinez to be thrown onto the pavement, while Ramirez’s vehicle veered onto a sidewalk and collided with a house’s west wall. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigators reported that Ramirez exhibited symptoms of alcohol consumption and found open beer cans in his vehicle. Ramirez was taken to HCA Florida JFK Hospital where his blood tested positive for alcohol. However, it was not stated what his blood-alcohol level was at the time.

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