Super Bowl DWI Prevention Tips by Local Authorities | WETM

Law enforcement officials in Elmira, N.Y. have assured that there will be an increased police presence on local roads and highways during the Super Bowl weekend. Sheriff William Schrom from the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office has warned residents that the augmented patrol will be particularly focused on identifying drunk drivers.

Sgt. Brad Morrell from the Village of Elmira Heights Police Department added that the police will continue to actively monitor the streets for drunk driving even after the game.

In connection to the Super Bowl weekend, a ‘Stop-DWI’ campaign has also been launched in Steuben County.

Under New York law, the host of a party can be held legally responsible if they allow an intoxicated guest to drive and they cause an accident. Douglas Houper, the Undersheriff of the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office, warned about the potential civil liability implicated in such situations.

Additionally, residents are advised to have enough food while consuming alcohol to prevent getting drunk quickly. Officer Morrell has also advised drinking water at the end of the evening or when one is finished watching the game to help reduce any alcohol in their system.

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