St. Albans Man Charged with DUI, Disorderly Conduct at School

Upon receiving a tip about a potentially impaired driver leaving Berkshire Elementary School with a child, Vermont State Police arrested Nathan Gaudette, a 34-year-old resident of St. Albans. The man, who was later found by troopers at Sheldon Elementary School, faces multiple charges including DUI drugs and child cruelty.

Reports suggest that Gaudette displayed unstable and obscene behavior on school property and showed symptoms of being under the influence. After verifying that he had indeed been driving while impaired with a child in the car, the authorities took him into custody and transported him to the State Police station in St. Albans for further procedures.

Gaudette will face charges for DUI drug, disorderly conduct, and child abuse. He was handed over to the custody of a sober adult later the same day.

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