Sober Holiday Campaign Highlights Two DWI Arrests in Central MN

The Minnesota Office of Public Safety is urging residents to arrange for a sober ride home during the holiday season, reminding them of the increased law enforcement presence on the roads. This alert is part of a recurrent campaign that uses recent drunk driving incidents as reminders. The campaign highlighted two Central Minnesota drivers who were arrested for exceeding the alcohol limit.

One incident involved a 36-year-old male in Stearns County, whose driving while impaired caused other drivers to evade him, a mailbox to be hit, and his vehicle to end up in a field after multiple detours into a ditch.

This man was arrested and charged with DWI, after his blood alcohol concentration was determined to be 0.33, significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08. The Office of Public Safety advises planning for a sober ride in order to safeguard others’ lives, especially as additional law enforcement is present during the holiday season.

Another recent social media post highlighted a Central Minnesota driver, a 28-year-old male, who was arrested by a Chisago County Sheriff’s Office deputy for a blood alcohol concentration of 0.144 and speeding at a dangerous 92 mph. His confused state was evident when he saw two fingers instead of one held up by the deputy during an impairment test.

The message is clear — arrange for a sober ride and monitor your speed during the holiday season with the additional DWI enforcement on Minnesota roads. The Office of Public Safety encourages residents not to become a statistic this holiday season, but to find a sober ride home. An invitation to visit Watkins and Freeport in Minnesota, through pictures, was included. The content also mentioned a list of the highest-rated museums in Minnesota, based on TripAdvisor ratings.

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