Missouri Governor Decreases Britt Reid’s DWI Sentence for 2021 Accident

The son of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid, Britt Reid, had his prison sentence commuted by Missouri Governor Mike Parson. This is in connection with a drunk driving incident in 2021 that led to the injury of two children. The governor reduced Reid’s three-year jail term to house arrest until 2025.

The former assistant coach of the Chiefs had a blood-alcohol level exceeding the legal limit when he caused the accident. The incident left a 5-year-old child critically injured and a 4-year-old with minor injuries, while Reid pleaded guilty in September 2022.

The accident affected six people, including Reid. Derived from Governor Parson’s order, Reid must remain under house arrest until October 31, 2025, and also adhere to additional requirements such as probation, community service, and behavioral counseling.

Reid expressed regret and apologized to the victim’s family in court during his trial. However, the family’s lawyer, Tom Porto, revealed that they contested Reid’s initial plea.

The family alleged that the prosecutor failed to seek the maximum sentence allowed by law for Reid, a repeat offender. His actions caused a 5-year-old girl to fall into a coma and severely injured three others.

Following the incident, the Chiefs reached a confidential financial agreement with the girl’s family to cover her medical expenses, acknowledging the child’s permanent brain damage.

Reid, 38, started working with the Chiefs in 2013, making his way up to the position of linebackers coach in 2019. However, his contract was not renewed after it expired in 2021.

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