Man Arrested for DWI after Drinking Soju

A man was apprehended by police after he was found driving recklessly while under the influence of alcohol, according to a complaint filed with the Superior Court. Siteichy Erra, 29, was apprehended and charged with several misdemeanors including impaired driving, possession of an open alcoholic container, and reckless driving while impaired. The police officer observed Erra swerving his Toyota Corolla on Route 1 near Asan beach at around 1:15 a.m. on Thursday. Erra was driving at a speed of 68 mph when he was pulled over by the patrolling officer.

Furthermore, Erra seemed to have lost control of his vehicle when he tried to park in a residential driveway in Asan. Erra did not possess a driving license, was noticeably inebriated, exhibited red glossy eyes, and slurred speech. Erra confessed to the officer that he had consumed three bottles of soju after having his ramen, further mentioning that he was aware of his inebriation and intended to rest.

The officer spotted a cold bottle of ‘Chum Churum’ Soju with a 16.5% alcohol concentration inside the vehicle. Even though Erra consented to undergo a standard field sobriety test, it wasn’t completed, states the complaint.

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