FHP Arrests Texas Man for DUI While Operating Box Truck in Pasco County

A man was taken into custody for driving under the influence in Pasco County, Florida, after being caught by the Florida Highway Patrol with alcohol at the ready in his vehicle. The man, identified as 31-year-old William Dakota Tillery from Houston, Texas, was pulled over while driving a box truck and found to have White Claw, an alcoholic beverage, in the truck’s passenger seat.

Tillery was reported to authorities on Thursday around 12:14 pm by individuals who noticed erratic driving on the southbound SR-93 (I-75) from the operator of an Enterprise box truck. Responding to the calls, a patrol trooper interacted with Tillery at a 7-Eleven gas station. Tillery exhibited unsteady walking from the truck to the gas station, raising suspicions.

Upon speaking with Tillery, the highway officer detected the scent of alcohol on him, and observed his eyes to be bloodshot, watery, and glassy. Tillery informed the officer he was travelling from Texas to Florida.

Investigating further, troopers found the passenger seat of the truck filled with bags and other personal items, including several cans of alcohol and an open White Claw being held by a bag.

Tillery underwent a field sobriety test and performed poorly on all levels. He was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence and carrying an open container and transported to the Pasco County Detention Center.

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