Ex-Trooper to Compensate DUI Crash Victim $35K

A former Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) officer, Steven Lee Brown, has been ordered by Judge Robert T. Bateman to pay $35,000 over four years to the victim of a DUI crash that occurred in the early hours of June 30, 2022. Brown was off-duty and had consumed whiskey and beer before getting behind the wheel and causing an accident that severely injured Stephan Lambert.

Brown was terminated following the accident. Reports from WSMV4 Investigations indicated that the THP faced legal criticism for allegations of meddling with the case.

Lambert appeared in court on Wednesday, presenting his personal impact testimony and requested $168,000 for damages. He had been in a coma for 10 days following the incident, underwent several surgeries, and currently relies on a walker for mobility.

In court, Lambert described his multiple injuries, including 18 fractured ribs, and the profound effect of the crash on his family. He showcased his determination to continue living life as planned, despite his injuries and the pain they cause him.

Brown expressed remorse for his actions during the hearing.

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